I want an Amazon-Golem

Dear Internet People, some of whom I know personally:

Amazon.com has a policy that if a book on their site receives 40 or more reviews/ratings there, they will become your Golem and market your book in all kinds of ways for free.

I would love to have a Golem.  Thus, I am asking for your help to make Amazon my Golem by helping my novel SWEET get 40 or more reviews/ratings on Amazon.

To review and/or rate, you can go to the Amazon page for SWEET.

From there, scroll down the screen and click on the button that says WRITE A CUSTOMER REVIEW.

Don’t panic!  You don’t have to write a word, I promise! You can simply click the stars to rate the book. (You can, if so moved, also write a review there, but you don’t need to do so.)

That’s it!  You did it! One step closer to turning Amazon into my Golem!  (I promise that there will always be a place in my administration for those who help SWEET. Maybe even your own Golem.)

Thank you for doing this.

Now that you’ve done this and seen how easy it is, do it for ALL the books out there.  Especially Interlude Press books.  If you need a to-do list, check out the Interlude Press catalog here.

And, hey, while you’re there, why not do a bit of shopping? That catalog makes a great holiday shopping list.


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