Fall Risk

Friends, my essay about disability, MS and aging is up now at PLEASE SEE ME.

Please check it out, along with all the other fabulous art & writing in that issue.

Go here: https://pleaseseeme.com/issue-2/nonfiction/fall-risk-alysia-constantine/?fbclid=IwAR3SsrfAsMFUEfWP4lO6WFDgEYSnxPbN167ly8T59N69gFk4O1I6mjmegd4

I’ll be at NY Public Library, and You’re Invited

Hey, all!

Come join me, Nisha Sharma, Adriana Hererra and Damon Suede for a collaborative talk/Q&A about queer and PoC folks in romance.


Minday, February 11

6:00pm til ?

(because I love invitations that say ” til ?,” so full of undisguised hope! Like, when will it end? We dont know because it will be so awesome!)

For details, see https://www.nypl.org/events/programs/2019/02/11/mid-sentence-modern-lovers-changing-faces-romance-fiction

Where my New Yorkers at?