Next time: circus lesbians!

So, with SWEET well on its way to bookdom, I’ve started trying to work on a new what-will-hopefully-become-a-novel.

Anybody know anything about circus/sideshow workings? I would love to know about any aspect, from performance to ticket-taking to management. I am in research mode, but I’ve only had one friend who was a circus performer (she was a clown, and had a knife-throwing act with Big Apple Circus).

And, in the spirit of indirect retribution at that crazy witch at the ballet yesterday who called me fat with no provocation, here is one teaser: HERE COMES THE FAT LADY!


As we used to say in the ’80s, “Sweet!”

I’ve got the most lovely news!

I’m very excited to report that Interlude Press will publish my first novel, Sweet, in February 2016.  If you’re interested, keep your eye on Interlude Press for news about Sweet, and to get hold of the many other fabulous titles they’re publishing.

Here’s a link to Interlude’s announcement (complete with an image of the beautiful cover!):  Sweet by Alysia Constantine

And, if you just can’t get enough of me here, you can also check out for more electronic bric-a-brac.  (Since Sweet takes place in a bakery, you can expect frequent recipes…)