I’ve neglected this website for a bit (though I’ve been managing to keep up with the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook sites).  I don’t know how the kids today do all the social media they seem to do–it takes an incredible amount of time and energy and thought.  And consistent internet access (so, money, or a moneyed public library within reach).

I’m knee-deep in the semester right now, teaching and reading and grading and meeting with students–and have lapsed in my duty to be a Person in the World Today (which seems to occur almost exclusively online).

What I’ve been thinking about recently: Fat Barbie, the upcoming election (and how politically-vocal I should be online), teaching, the violence by white men against the young Black woman at the recent Trump rally, moving to the west coast somehow (or maybe Montreal, if that can be swung), weathering what appears to be a freak snow here in NYC (I was without a coat two days ago, and today there’s snow outside), cheddar-chive-jalapeno biscuits (obsessed), the circus and sideshow (#amwriting) and a recent Multiple Sclerosis relapse which has left me feeling sick and old and cranky.

Most of this list is pretty self-centered.  I suppose I’m in that kind of place right now, hollowing into myself and not wanting to peep out.  But that’s a nice privilege to have, to feel able to make the decision to do that, isn’t it?

I can’t really be the kind of teacher or writer or person I want to be if I take advantage of the privilege to remove myself from the world when I want a break.  I would hate it if others did that–especially at this moment, when efforts like #BlackLivesMatter are getting so beat-upon for simply SPEAKING and people are (simultaneously) complaining about how the younger generation is so apathetic and inactive about the world.

This is me peeping out to say hello, I’m still here, and I’m giving up my privilege of removing myself from things.  I’m back in babies.  See you around.

(Oh, and hey, please vote as many times as they’ll let you.) (KIDDING.  Vote ONCE in every election, okay?)



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