Fakakta Fix

After careful thought & a discussion that included all us authors, Interlude Press (publisher of my own novel SWEET & lots of other great books) has decided to show at the Asheville Zine Fest in NC; rather than boycott, they are RAISING $ FOR Equality North Carolina TO HELP OVERTURN the transphobic “bathroom bill” called HB2.

Here’s how you can help us:

Method 1: Book Junkie:  buy an IP book (or books!) either at the Asheville Zine Fest or online between 4/29 and 5/1, and IP will donate $1 to Equality North Carolina to help in their efforts to overturn HB2. May I suggest Sweet?  Of course, if you’re an awesome person, you probably already own 6 copies of Sweet, but there is a whole gorgeous catalog of fantastic LGBTQ+ fiction on the IP website.  (Or, if you ask, I can suggest some titles I really enjoyed reading…)

Method 2: Shy Prince-Style Donation Without Personal Gain (No Book-Hoarding):  you can donate directly to ENC by using the handy donation page at the Interlude Press web store starting today (no purchase necessary). OR you can link directly to Equality NC’s own donation page from IP’s website.

At the end of the day, kids, it really doesn’t matter how you make support happen, just that you do. This is extremely important to me–those of you who know me, or even those who’ve followed the stuff I post on The Tumblr, are probably quite aware of just how important I think transliberatory/transpositive politics/support is. Especially right now.

The trans and genderqueer folk we love–and even those we don’t know–need every bit of our support at this moment, when ignorant forces seem to be working hard to oppress, deny, humiliate and hurt them. The world those ignorant folks hope for is NOT a world in which I could live, nor is it a world in which many of my students, colleagues, neighbors and/or friends could survive.