Two-Fisting Lit

Currently, I’m two-fisting my novels.  (Ok, well, actually three-fisting, but that sounds wrong.)

Right now I’m reading THE BETTER TO KISS YOU WITH by Michelle Osgood (released TODAY!!), BLACK DUST by Lynn Charles and LOVE STARVED by Kate Fierro, all from Interlude Press.  I wish I had the time to slowly savor each one (summer’s coming, so I SHALL return…) but right now, it’s book bingeing for me.  I will be posting some book reviews soon, but in the meantime…

I’d tell you to go get your own copies and race me, but I also am reading a crap-ton of stuff for teaching, plus am inclined to linger rather than to be speedy with books I love (I really HATED the speed reading techniques I used to teach because I ENJOY reading with sweet slowness), so it wouldn’t be much of a contest for you.

Better yet, run to the Interlude Press online store, grab copies of these great books for yourself, read, and then tell me what YOU think! I may not be speedy, gur, but I can DISCUSS books with great pleasure!