This is getting really embarrassing! I messed up that last post AGAIN! I am really starting to feel so horrible about this! Please disregard that last post I made. After 26 years, I am giving up being a vegetarian. I tried to post a picture of my first dinner as a non-veg, but I accidentally posted a picture of one of my dogs looking fly. So now, I am posting a picture of my first dinner as a non-vegetarian in 26 years.



I sincerely apologize to Rihanna, that guitar chord app, and everyone who saw that last post. It was the result of a terribly unfortunate computer glitch.

I am going to try this again. I would like to announce that, after 26 years, I am giving up being a vegetarian. Picture of my first dinner as a non-veg!


AGAIN? Is this a JOKE?

Ok, I owe the Internet some big apologies. My numerous attempts at posting my announcement today have failed badly. I’ve checked online resources, and can find no explanation for why the wrong photo keeps posting with my announcement. Once more, I shall try this announcement again:

I would like to announce that, after 26 years as a vegetarian, I am giving up “rabbit food” and eating “normal person food.” Please ignore my past statements about the moral, ethical, environmental, and economic reasons for being a vegetarian.

And please ignore my previous posts about this today–something is definitely wrong with my computer, and it keeps attaching the wrong photograph.  THIS post is, however, correct. I’ve included a photograph of what I ate for lunch today:

bitch better have money

Social Media Fails

Many people have said that “old” people (I’m 45, geez! It’s not like I’m 46 or something!) should stay away from social media, or that women can’t work technology, or that half-Greek half-Irish middle-aged gay lady writer-professors are usually unskilled at computer and should stick to making Fruit Stripe Gum for the nation to enjoy (ok, I only heard that last one once, and it may have been a dream in which Andre the Giant and LeVar Burton were lecturing me, but still…).

I am beginning to believe this, as I have failed several times to tweet/post correctly today. Here is a brief history of these failures, which I openly and bravely admit:



1 glasses2 cobblestone penis3 fab fingers4 catsink5 dirtydogchew6hotdogs7 scissors7 urabbit

However, I am going to keep trying today, so keep your fingers crossed for me.